Gemini Collection

Gemini Collection - Books 1 to 3

The first three books of the Gemini Series, Moon, Storms and Ancient are available as a box set collection. You get all three books as a single download making it easy to read through from one to the next. Also you'll save money over buying each book individually.

MOON - Now FREE on Amazon US

A systems failure on an Apollo Lunar Module turns from bad to worse in an instant.

Astronauts John Campbell and Bill Goodwin face a problem so unexpected, it’s never been faced before. Their experience turns their belief systems upset down. The way they look at the sky. The way they believe what they’re told. Everything changed forever.Not that it will matter much. Not from their lonely spot thousands of miles away. They have only hours to find a solution. If they don’t, the moon will become their final resting place, taking their secret with it.

Welcome to Moon, the first short story of the Gemini series. This tense, action-packed thriller reveals the race to survive against dwindling life support in a hostile world. If you love sci-fi with mystery and suspense, ‘Moon’ is one-click away.

"Good quick read. The story is short and precise a great read for a Sci fi buff! Looking forward to reading the next two short stories in the series."

"Kept me entertained. Details of the outer space plot seemed authentic. Definitely a Cool short story! Id be interested in reading the next installment​."


Dr Carla Richards is an astrophysicist striving to impress in a male world. Approached by the government to conduct a covert operation, she sees a speedy route for promotion.

Her search reveals more than expected. A government secret they’ll do anything to protect. A secret connected to the past, but is effecting the future. A secret connected to the increasingly violent weather threatening to destroy the world.

Storms is the second short story of the Gemini series and reveals an unexpected ally for Dr Richards in the race to avert the approaching catastrophe. An ally who knows what actually happened on the moon years ago.


A routine archaeology dig in the Egyptian desert reveals a buried entrance so intricate, Peter Merchant has seen nothing like it before. Hoping for a lost tomb, he secretly opens it and unveils what he has always believed — we are not alone.

The discovery will make Peter famous and re-write ancient history. A history that will rock the established views. Rock the world.He isn’t alone. He isn’t the only one who wants it. A sinister, shadowy group will stop at nothing to make it their own, leaving Peter with a problem. How can he protect the ancient secret and still live?

Ancient is the third short story in the Gemini series. Combining new technology with old, Peter and his team must use all their wits to survive.


Years ago, the truth of the Apollo accident was covered up, tightly classified behind an ocean of secrecy. Today, Earth is in danger and what was once hidden must now be revealed. Will the missing top of the Great Pyramid provide the answers?

Having discovered the capstone, Jamie Spencer must find a way to place it back on the pyramid. It's the key to learning the meaning of the mysterious off-planet messages. But, he has to be careful. He's being watched. Other forces have a different agenda and are out to disrupt his plans, with deadly force if necessary.

Pyramid is the fourth book in the epic Gemini series, an action-packed sci-fi mystery set in the recent past. If you like conspiracy, hidden truths and page-turning action, you'll love this series.

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